• Amethyst Crystal & Their Amazing Healing Properties

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    GAMESAmethyst is a beautiful and powerful crystal with a high spiritual vibration. Amethyst is a type of quartz crystal ranging in color from light lilac, to a deep royal purple. Amethyst can also occur in a white form, or purple with white stripes as is the case with Chevron Amethyst. There are many references about the healing properties of amethyst throughout history and mythology. Amethyst is one of the most effective crystals for healing and has such a range of powerful healing properties it is sometimes called “the all healer”.

    Amethyst works on a subtle energy level and brings its effective healing vibrations to all souls (people, animals, and plants). Just being in the presence of an amethyst crystal, and being open to it’s healing vibrations will strengthen your immune system and your bodies cleansing and eliminating organs, and even blood. Amethyst is a potent healer for emotional distress or ailments of mind, body, or spirit.

    If you are looking for a stone to overcome any sort of addiction amethyst is an excellent ally. Place amethyst under your pillow when sleeping and it is said to both alleviate nightmares and insomnia while also preventing you from over sleeping!

    Amethyst healing properties also includes soothing headaches, relieving eye strain, and it will help its owner to maintain a balanced blood sugar level.

    Finally amethyst will work to dispel negativity of all forms, anger, or impatience. It will even cleanse and bring healing benefits to your other healing crystals, or will guard your vibration against negative electromagnetic frequencies or technological pollutants, bringing the qualities of spirit and strength into your life.

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