• Metaphysical Properties of Incense

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    incense burnerIncense is a time tested spiritual tool which is beneficial for relaxation, setting the atmosphere for rituals or meditation, cleansing space, and even purifying the self. When lit with intention incense will help to provide focus, or spiritual energy, and will attract positive influences from the spiritual planes.

    Here is a quick look at the spiritual properties of some of our favorite forms of incense.

    Patchouli Incense– A natural aphrodisiac which is said to have magical powers. This incense will increase sensuality and bring rejuvenation for the body, mind and spirit.

    Nag Champa– Wonderful for use before and after meditation or sacred rituals. This incense is named for Sai Baba, the spiritual worker of miracles and magic. This is one of the best selling incense fragrances in the world, as it is so lovely!

    Sandalwood is an incredibly uplifting fragrance in terms of spiritual energy. A sacred fragrance with a powerful vibration for opening spiritual gifts, and past life memories. Burn sandalwood during the full moon in your home or sacred space to significantly lift the spiritual vibration.

    Copal– This is a powerful incense for contacting other planes of existence. Highly protective, and wonderful to use in breaking other spells or curses and even clearing out negative energies and spirits.

    Incense fragrance has the power to change your perception and increase awareness, bringing mental, emotional, and even spiritual understanding. Each incense fragrance vibrates and attracts healing energy from the spiritual realms. As with crystals tune into your intuition and follow your gut to choose the fragrance which will most benefit you here and now.

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