• The Healing Properties of Aqua Aura!

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    Aqua aura is made in a semi-secret  process which is part alchemy and part science. The two unique substances of quartz crystal and pure gold are combined in a permanent way, creating an immensely powerful protection combination which fuses the Rays of White, Blue and Gold into a powerful and healing iridescent display of Light. This […]

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    Purify and Cleanse with Dead Sea Bath Salts

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    The Dead Sea

    The Dead Sea is considered one of the highest vibrational healing and rejuvenation sites since Ancient times. It has a salinity of 33.7% and is 8.6 time saltier than the ocean. It is known as the “Dead Sea” because the salinity creates a very harsh environment for animals and plants and they cannot flourish in […]

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    Divination with Runes

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    Runes are a time tested divination system, similar to tarot cards, or divination with the I-Ching. What makes runes unique is that they consist of 25 painted or engraved stones. The runes markings are symbols in an ancient alphabet designed by the people in central and northern Europe at least eighteen centuries ago. The meaning […]

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    The Symbology and History of Prayer Flags

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    Prayer Flags

      Prayer Flags are colorful panels of square or rectangular cloth, that are strung along ridges high in the Himalayan Mountains. They are used to bless the environmental area and countryside and in healing ceremonies in the Nepal region. They are traditionally primary colors with woodblock printed texts and images that have blessings, mantras and […]

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    The Healing Properties of Ametrine

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    Ametrine is a powerful Crystal mixture of Amethyst and Citrine! It combines all of the colors and healing elements of these two “power healers” creating a calming vibration that can clear stress and tension headaches. It will also balance and soothe the chaotic emotions and symptoms of depression. Ametrine helps others to overcome prejudice by […]

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    Super Sale at Rainbow Doorways in Kings Beach! <3

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    We are having a SUPER SALE in our Kings Beach Shop location! 8571 North Lake Blvd. Kings Beach, CA 96143! We have “One of a Kind” Crystals such as Herkimer Diamonds, Smokey Quartz, Clear Quartz Points and Natural Druzys, Ametrine, a Beautiful Sodalite Angel, Rose Quartz, Amethyst Geodes, and Spheres! We also have DVDs, totes, […]

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    Purifying and Cleansing with Sage

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    Sage has been used amongst religious, spiritual and healing groups for promoting purification and protection in rituals and ceremonies throughout our history. The word sage itself – salvia – comes from the Latin word salvare. It literally means “To Heal.” White sage is naturally found along the Southern California coast line in great abundance. The ritual of smudging can be defined […]

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    Singing Bowls & The Power of OM

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    Technically speaking Singing Bowls are a type of bell. Singing bowls do not play themselves, but when they are rubbed with a wooden mallet their healing sound vibrations are unleashed. The pure ringing sound created when a singing bowl is played is said to be the sound of OM. OM, Aum, Or Ohm is a […]

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    The Healing Properties of Garnet

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    Garnet is known for it’s deep romantic red color which really resonates with it’s vibrations of love and passion. It will help enhance romantic love and passion,  sensuality, sexuality and intimacy. Garnets will bring positive thoughts and good energy to the wearer. The positivity that it emits will help with new friendships and new beginnings […]

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    The Chakras

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    The Chakras are the “energy vortexes” that are connected with key parts of our physical body where spiritual energy can enter and exit within the aura. The literal meaning is “turning wheel” in Sanskrit. Chakras occur in pairs, one in the front of the body and one in the back. Their points meet within the spine. […]

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