• Meditation Basics and Benefits

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    Meditation’s basic essence is training the mind to induce a specific frequency of consciousness to benefit the health and well being of oneself. The Spiritual and relaxation practice of Meditation is a powerful tool. It is documented to help reduce stress and will encourage healthy breathing techniques that will improve your overall well-being.

    Meditation will increase creativity and positive mental thinking. It will encourage and increase our body’s energy while simultaneously controlling stress levels.

    Scientists have studied the benefits of Meditation and have associated it with the overall improvement in a variety of psychological areas. Personal issues with anxiety, stress, addiction, depression, eating disorders and cognitive functions show significant positive change in results with the addition of Meditation into one’s lifestyle. Research also shows physical symptoms will also shift with reducing blood pressure, pain response, stress hormone levels and cellular health, which is the very core of our being. Meditation has been shown to actually change the chemistry in our brain by creating new connections between the cells and the neurons. By disrupting the old patterns originally based upon response to stimuli, and creating new patterns, will creating new neural circuitry that will change the actual way we think-thus changing the world around us.

    It is scientifically proven to help increase immunity, stabilize emotional balance, increase fertility, lower blood pressure, will act as an anti-inflammatory for certain medical conditions, relieve irritable bowel syndrome and also calming and relaxing a stressed individual in all aspects of life.

    Meditation is a practice that has been honored since the beginning of our Human history and is a large part of the Buddhist culture amongst many other religions and Spirituality all over the Globe.

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      Just purchased a selenium stone. Any ideas on how best to expedite my spirituality while using the stone?

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