• About the Use of Incense in Traditions and Rituals

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    Incense has been used in religious ceremonies, ritual purification, aromatherapy and meditation for creating Spiritual vibrations in specific atmospheres and environments. The word itself means “to burn” and is composed of aromatic plant materials, often combined with essential oils that release fragrant smoke when burned. You can use and find incense specific for “calling in” or intending to connect with certain Ascended Masters or Archangels for additional support, love and blessings. This is a tradition dating back thousands of years and is documented in all of Earth’s ancient civilizations for the positive mood altering qualities.

    There are two different types of incense; Direct-burning or In-directly burning Incense that come in different forms. Direct-burning incense is the more well known form, where the tip or end is ignited with a flame until the incense begin to turn into the ash. Flames on the incense are blown out and the smoke cleanses and clears the environment of any negative energy.

    Indirect burning incense is when pieces of incense are burned by placing them on top of a heat source or hot metal plate.

    Burning incense can be used to accompany prayer, paying homage to Gods or Deities, purifying environments and releasing negative vibrations helping to induce self-awareness and uplift the emotional state of the physical vessel and emotional being of the mind while nurturing the Soul.

    In Ancient Sanskrit texts, there are descriptions of the festive occasions that beautiful incense was burned in celebration! Fragrant waters and scented flowers were used for aromatherapy treatments and helping heighten the vibrations creating euphoric feelings using our human sense of smell.

    Every fragrance is different, unique and has it’s own vibration. With this, they have different intentions and different incense can be used for different situations helping to enhance the healing and upliftment and Spiritual development of the individuals.

    It is also excellent to burn whilst saying affirmations, to raise your consciousness and purify the atmosphere in which you live.

    There are many varieties of aromas within the incense world, some with a ‘single note’, such as jasmine, sandalwood or tuberose.  Oriental blends tend to be hot, spicy and sweet and complex floral harmonies are a blend of several floral notes together.  The ever-popular earthy tone of patchouli is a warm fragrance and is often used more in winter, to warm the heart and home; whereas the delightful, youthful fragrance  of strawberry is commonly enjoyed on a spring morning, when the sun is spreading its healing rays.

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