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    Herkimer Diamonds are a particular kind of double-terminated quartz crystal found in specific areas in and around Herkimer County, NY and also the Mohawk River. The double-termination points are faceted by nature and are considered to be very powerful.

    These are crystals known for their “inner vision” qualities. They are able to enhance dreams and meditations to help activate one’s connection to their Higher Self and Soul. They can help to increase and improve telepathy, clairvoyance and other psychic gifts. It can assist with understanding and experiencing the astral plane, and will help with communication within other planes and dimensions. This is a stone associated with the Crown Chakra.

    Herkimer Diamonds are known as the “stone of attunement.” It is not actually a diamond but has the sparkling clarity of a diamond, thus getting it’s infamous moniker. It can be metaphysically programmed to attune one to a specific environment, situation, quality or any other intention. This is a crystal that will help to balance and re-align the mental, emotional and physical bodies on all levels. It can cleanse and clear any chakra, opening it to it’s full potential. Herkimer’s have a strong vibrational resonance with peace and clarity. It can create a real feeling of “peace of mind” and can relieve tension in a space or within a person.

    On a physical level, it can help cleanse and clear addictions, relieve depression, tension and anxiety and help with sleep disorders. It is a very powerful cleanser able to re-align and balance. Highly recommended amongst healers and intuitives.

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