• Malachite: A Cleanser and Purifier Crystal

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    Malachite is a wonderfully cleansing and clearing crystal able to absorb negative energies and pollutants while releasing traumas simultaneously. This crystal will help to guard against radiation and clear electromagnetic “smog.” Malachite helps to cleanse and activate the chakras helping to attune them to Spiritual Guidance. It helps to open the heart to unconditional love while encouraging change and risk-taking. It will also break unwanted ties to outworn patterns and beliefs. Malachite will support you in taking responsibility for actions, thoughts and feelings, while helping to release any hidden inhibitions. This is a great stone to help with absorbing and processing information and could be beneficial to those in study or want to increase their ability to learn and retain information. It can be very helpful amongst Students and Children. It will help with stimulating dreams and recalling any subconscious information.

    Physically it will alleviate mental disturbances and battles dyslexia. Malachite will balance mood swings and heal cramps. It can help facilitate labor, alleviate menstrual disorders and menopause. It will boost the immune and nervous systems giving you more energy and feeling re-vitalized. This crystal helps with lowering blood pressure, treating asthma, arthritis, epilepsy, fractures, swollen joints, travel sickness, vertigo, tumors, the optic nerves, the spleen, pancreas and the parathyroid. It can actually help to pinpoint tumors, realigning and repairing damaged DNA and cellular structures that cause cancer. Enhancing the immune system, it will create a sense of strength. Malachite is a cleaning crystal that will help stimulate the liver to release any built up toxins. This crystal is a great supporter to anyone going through radiation and chemotherapy.

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