• The Healing Properties of Selenite

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    Selenite is a clear form of Gypsum that forms when seawater evaporates, creating a soft and water soluble crystal. It is a powerful psychic stone that helps communication and interaction with our Ancestors, Angels and Spirit Guides. Used by mediums and clairvoyants it has a very high vibration and will help bring clarity by opening the crown and higher chakras to Angelic guidance and consciousness. It is known as a stone of fertility and can assist during pregnancy and motherhood. It protects the health of the “new mother” and the unborn child. A great gift for those who are expecting or to loved ones who have newly conceived to wish them a safe and happy pregnancy.

    Selenite is used to cleanse and clear other gemstones and is very effective in doing so. It is best to use this crystal laid on the physical body or within the auric field. If used in meditation, it is helpful to help with dream recall and past life regression.

    On a physical level it can heal and repair the cells of the body. It will align the spinal column and also help the fluid system flows harmoniously while helping to promote flexibility. This crystal will improve skin tone and increase the body’s skeletal system to assist in absorbing calcium. It will also help to assimilate the vitamins and minerals within the body, but it is not safe to ingest or to make elixirs with this crystal, as it will dissolve.

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