• The Metaphysical and Healing Properties of Carnelian Crystals

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    Carnelian is a Crystal that is known  to help stimulate the Self-understanding while increasing Self-Worth, Confidence and Success. It’s a very helpful stone for those who are focused on career minded goals. It has a very clearing effect to it’s vibrations that helps to dispel any negative energies, and replacing them with positive energy. This in itself, will help you find direction and feel grounded and in control of your life. It’s also a great protective stone and can be worn in an amulet to help prevent negative thoughts or energy to influence your mind. Cultures of Ancient used to wear this during traveling, to ward off death and evil. It is associated with the Sun’s power and is a truly invigorating and re-energizing energy vibrational frequency.

    Carnelian can be applied physically to the stomach to help promote balanced digestion. It will help with pregnancy and abdominal pain. It resonates with our Sacral Chakra and helps strengthen our creative center. It will also help with balancing our organizational skills, opening the door to fulfillment. Physically, Carnelian crystals will encourage the formation of new blood cells rejuvenating yourself from the inside out! This stone is also known to hep encourage the healing of rheumatism, kidney stones and other kidney problems. It will help cleanse and purify our body’s natural filters and blood system.

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