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    About the Use of Incense in Traditions and Rituals

    by  • July 1, 2013 • Featured Products, Meditation, Rainbow Doorways • 0 Comments


    Incense has been used in religious ceremonies, ritual purification, aromatherapy and meditation for creating Spiritual vibrations in specific atmospheres and environments. The word itself means “to burn” and is composed of aromatic plant materials, often combined with essential oils that release fragrant smoke when burned. You can use and find incense specific for “calling in” […]

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    The Multiple Uses of Palo Santo

    by  • October 27, 2011 • Featured Products • 0 Comments

    Palo Santo, or Bursera Graveolens, is a very aromatic tree grown in the South American forests.  This Holy Wood has been used throughout time – by the Incas as a spiritual remedy for spiritual cleansing and purifying.  Also by the Shamans, who would use it in ceremonies to send away bad spirits, clear bad energy, and […]

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